Amanda Bynes new fashion line
August 10, 2007, 7:55 pm
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ABynes… is the new fashion line from Amanda Bynes at Steve and Barry’s from August 16th in the States. They do not have an online store so if you do not live there you cannot by her under $20 range.

Apparently this new line is in competition with Hilary Duff’s Line ‘Stuff’


Obsessmuch? says ah well non-american girls and boys, im sure you won’t be missing out on that much.


Posh..i mean Chanelle..i mean..Posh i mean…
August 10, 2007, 7:12 pm
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Chanelle and Posh

Here’s Chanelle in a replica outfit of Victoria Beckham making an appearance at London’s Embassy nightclub. 

Chanelle come on now, we’re going a tad bit far arean’t we. This is extremely embarassing. Continue reading

August 9, 2007, 7:34 pm
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Girl Props



Girl Props is a website, well a shop in America with a website but seeing as we live in England the website is the way to go for us.

It is a really cool site full of fake gold jewellery such a chunky hoops and boombox necklaces.So we are giving Girl Props our 1st post from TOP SITES because we have bought from there for several years, and even though it does get a lot of recognition in magazines and stuff we just wanted to let them know that we have always loved them!

Don’t worry this is not for us to get our hands on some free gear because Girl Props is inexpensive enough already.

So make sure you check it out!!

Here’s, Amy Winehouse, one of our British celeb’s with their bag. 



I think so!!

Topshop sells Victoria Beckham?

Calling all Victoria Beckham fans and Topshop fans. Topshop has designed a dress that is the cheap chic version of Victoria Beckhams £1,000, pink Roland Mouret  dress (kwon as the “Moon Dress”), which is remarkably similar. At a mere £60 this dress promises to put a little Posh into the everyday wardrobe, so says the Daily Mail

Posh frock

The Topshop version – cheekily named “the Victoria” – is flying off the rails.

Five thousand have already been sold and it is widely expected to be the High Street stylemaker’s dress of the summer.

“It has been selling like hot cakes and is being restocked on a daily basis,” said one source.

“I have seen lots of customers in-store walking around as they browse and clutching on to theirs for dear life.”

They should have got Chanelle for this. LOL

Obsessmuch? says to be honest because this dress is going to have so much media coverage TopShop are going to sell a s*** load. Therefore even though I think it’s lovely, everyone is going to be wearing it which kinda devalues it. Agree?

Anyways what are we thinking about this one.

Trѐs Chic ou Trѐs Faux?