Best and Worst Boobs
September 24, 2007, 11:38 am
Filed under: Best of British, Gossip

DailyMail Writes:

Whether small or large, pert or pendulous, they all have their admirers.

But there is one type of breast that most approaches perfection, a cosmetic surgeon claims.

The model mammary apparently has a nipple that points slightly skywards, and an upper half just a bit smaller than the bottom half.

Victoria Beckham: ‘Unnatural’ shape. Caprice (right): Plastic surgery patients request curves like hers

Patrick Mallucci spent many hours poring over photos of topless models in lads magazines and tabloid newspapers to formulate his theory.

In his opinion, the celebrity with the best pair is Caprice – and the woman with the worst is Posh Spice.

obsessmuch? says hmm i don’t think VickyB’s is that bad at all.


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I don’t get it. I mean, this is valuable info here, but I guess I’m terrible at noticing these things. Posh looks ok to me.

Comment by abarclay12

I guess Caprice’s look more wholesome, but the difference is negligible.

Comment by JohnN

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