we heart gossip girl
September 20, 2007, 1:15 am
Filed under: On the Box

The show premiered yesterday in the states….and we obviously hunted it down! Created by Josh Schwartz, overwise known as the jew who stole the OC away from me. And killed Marissa Cooper. Murderer.

Anyways, his new show is amazing. Hot guys. Hot girls and Hot fashion. And if you’re on a diet….this show will serve you well! Every girl is practically thinspiration (not that we endorse eating disorders or anything). Well done Josh, you did it again. But i will never. ever forgive you for taking ending the OC. Enjoy people!

Click more to watch the Pilot episode (in full)

Gossip Girl Pilot Part One

Gossip Girl Pilot Part Two

Gossip Girl Pilot Part Three

Gossip Girl Pilot Part Four

Gossip Girl Pilot Part Five

Let us know what you think!


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Love the fashion in GG, found a bow blouse that is similar on http://www.leblackbook.com.au xx

Comment by demureelegance

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