Miley Cyrus joins vanessa in the fun
September 19, 2007, 5:53 pm
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ok what is up with young children posing half naked. or in Vanessa’s case…naked (we still love her though). Now her off screen BFF or BFFF or whatever, has joined the photo fun. Now these photos arent bad….but im a secret fan of hannah montana.


Apparently she apologised for these photos….i dont understand why! There not even bad! Well i spose shes 14.

 Could someone tell why shes friends with Vanessa….Vanessa is 18! Im not agist!! but wtf…..14 years olds and 18 years old dont exactly share the same common interests!


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Hey she’s only 15 almost ! wtf ! she’s a stupid girl ! so she is. Who did those photos?! Isn’t her dad angry’ ?!
I think she’s mad to public photos like tht..

Comment by vera

I love Miley so much I honestly think the photos arent bad too Besides its not like she naked! and so what if vanessa is 18 so who cares?! but I get your point

Comment by britt

she’s becoming a slut everyday where are here parents dont they see her

Comment by hialry

Hey why is everybody fussing! Miley can do what she wants! And anyway she isnt stripping she is just possing….pore miley for having all this pressure on her! And same with Nessa! Silly mistakes big deal! They are big girls!

Comment by Dana

Sorry my site is not care anymore!

Comment by Dana


Comment by Ami

hey guys, calm down we are not miley haters we generally don’t give a monkies about her we just thought you would like to see the pics that we found. this is not an official site it is just a blog after all. x

Comment by obsessmuch

hey she is nothing like vanessa! shes not naked shes not even CLOSE!

Comment by olivia


Comment by olivia elizabeth capps


Comment by ANONYMOUS

dud come on miley is hot as hell let the girl be she is not making porn just a cute photo get of her back

Comment by austin

Obsessmuch? says how the hell are we insulting her?! You crazy arse people!

We heart Miley. We simply report her activity…its not our fault she’s posing like a whore….muhahahahahaha.

I joke i joke.

Comment by obsessmuch

Hey people I love Miley and she’s NOT naked. Besides alot of girls her age wear outfits like that all the time, it’s really not that bad.

Comment by Meg

that doesnt even look like miley.
like wtf!? thats not even half naked.those arent bad at all.so in the fiirst photo if thats half naked then wen we all go to the poolz and the beach then we’e basically naked cuz she has a shirt and some shorts. in the second piic. she has a bathing suit on shes probably in the beach having fun with her friends.what she need’s to go to the beach with a long shirt and some jeans? come on people cut her some slack.and do me a favor while you at it. grow the fuk up!

Comment by fhjgfj

im her bigest fan but her boob is hanging out of her

Comment by amber

Wtf? They’re not even that bad!

Comment by Niksta

omg! comeon guys shes at the pool with her friends!!!fhjgfj, good point! then in the first pic, we wear that all the time skirts with tanks!i mean people come on!!!it is probably just a fun pic at home, she just wanted to wear that skirt w/ tank.shes not a little kid any more!

Comment by meghan

you look so good they are not even gross

Comment by JULIA

i think its fine for them to take pictures of them selfs

Comment by logan

OMG! i have never seen miley act so strange! if she becomes a little vanessa i am gunna be pissed! i love miley but not when she is making pictures of herself naked!

Comment by malibu

well half naked but still!

Comment by malibu

omg! i no people r saying it isn’t that bad but i mean her body is showing way to much. and people who r saying that she isn’t that bad u guys must be sluts…. no offense butif u wear clothes that short…. MAN! and her boob is showing… WTF is up with her!

Comment by malibu

the pictures are not even bad i love miley cyrus and she looks good in the pictures any way cause she is not doing any thing bad its not she is drinking bear ok now people who tthink theys are bad just shutup cause are not bad for the last time ok people ok

Comment by JULIA

people that think they are bad fuck you bitchs

Comment by JULIA

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

HEY just give miley a break what did she do to you your just mean. Oh and miley you are so great. And the second picture your not even naked you are just in a 2 piece and in the first picture you are just having fun.

Comment by Ms.Jake T Austin

they arent bad.. i know i am a bit late but meh, its just a bit of cleavage nothing wrong with that, people wear that all the time at beaches and pools.

Comment by some dude

she is a bitch she becoming a stripper and u people who think its ok u r just saying that

Comment by Anonymous

That is sick.

Comment by Megan

wat ye ppl saying miley is sexy hot , has fit body and if she wants 2 show it off she can

Comment by gerrard

o.m.g…miley is hot but honestly u ppl r making to much of a fricken deal of it and i can bet wen she hits 18 she’s gona on at least 1 porn site. CANT WAIT 2 C THAT!!!LOL

Comment by nevo

o.m.g…ppl there photos of her at a motel w/ her friend and some of u ppl r making a HUGE fricken deal of it. now im not a huge fan of her but honestly…cmon ppl go 2 a pool and look at some of the teens there and i garuntee u wont c a big difference in clothing and honestly…cmon she looks hot.

Comment by nevo

she is the hottest girl on the planet

Comment by julian

any girl would do that on myspace and it would be ok, its just cause shes in the publics eye that its so wrong

Comment by yup

why is everyone fussing about these pictures they are not abd she aint naked fr god sakes she is in a tank and shorts in one and a bathing suit in the other…if it was any other 15 yr old girl it wouldnt matter shoot i can garentee almost 98 of teen girls have taken pics similar to these

Comment by megan

she looks gawjuss.
as i guy the same age as her
i think she’s hot as.

Comment by R.anonymous

ther hot pics..

id tap that.

Comment by R.anonymous

honestly this isnt bad.. well yea shes a role model and everythin but., shes 15 er somthin.. look at all the other normal 15 year olds.. some are stright up sluts
yea i kno shes not a ‘normal 15 year old’ but come on its hard not bein normal

lol do i make sense?

Comment by max d!!

OK WTF is wrong with all u ppl shes 16 and she isnt making out or nude is she now no so just leave her alone shes just having fun!!!

Comment by Emily

JUST LEAVE HER ALONE! shes just having fun i mean is she nude is she full on making out with someone NO shes just having fun so EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

Comment by Emily

What the hell… A lot of girls do this. The only reason that she’s gettign shit is because she’s famous.

Comment by Mitch

my son is 3 years old and he seas that she is his girfrend

Comment by Anonymous

Dude she is like 16 i was taking pics like that when i was 15 they arent even bad!! people need to back off they only want to make her look bad because she is young and trying to make her look bad

Comment by tiffany

you sox

Comment by sara

You guys are fool, this is no different than every other teen girl out there.

Comment by Meh


ok first off who ever wrote this is a dumb ass!
stars should know that beign in the public eye, things are going to be said, expecially when your putting photos of your self in a swim suit out there, if she was a big girl like ppl said than shes not getting her feeligns hurt by some 15 year old girls that are jealous bb/c miley caught a break and is now famous
personally i like miley, most of her songs are good, but shes 15 and still learning. obviously shes not perfect and we should expect these types of things, at least she not out beign a skank like vanessa h. who personnaly i hate b/c she is a slut and after being on hsm was lik “i want to be a good role model for all the teens out there” then dont go around showing your self to the world! dumb ass! seriously some ppl just have no common sense *cough vanessa cough* and i believe miley did take some not great pics b/c she was influenced by vanessa the retard

Comment by me

ok they are not horrible but they are not good either

she is too young [15] to be putting sics of herself on the web
but atleast she not like showing her boobs toatally

i like her when shes beign cool [hannah montanna is getting old with performances teho]

ps ppl who say thats her boob, its her bra thats a diff color


Comment by me

let me see a teenager who hasent posed in her bathing suit she a kid its what they do. its not like shes nude or any thing look through your kids pics, i beat you will find one just like this

Comment by pam

Sweet. Now All Those Little Girls
Older Brothers Are Gonna Have Another
Disney Chick To Fap to.

Comment by That1WeirdKid

why does everyone make a big deal with celeberties or tv stars.no one would give a shit if some random 14 year old did that just her. and shes a person she has the right to do whatever.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

well i think that thoes pictures are just of two girls having fun

Comment by kate

ok i think she is going down the wrong path she is 15 she should not be takeing them pic and yes they look like there just haveing fun butt she has kids looking at her she is a roll model for alot of them even my kid and i dont want that

Comment by jasion

I think she looks so pretty she a teenager c’mon LEAVE her ALONE!!!!

Comment by STEPHANIE

I think 15 is the new 30! If you’re sexually active and dumb as a bag of rocks, that puts you in line with the rest of the 99% club chicks out there! And why should those little pimply awkward boys have all the fun when there are men with skills out there! If these young ladies base their idea of sex on 20 seconds in a back seat, it could riun them for life, or even turn them GAY! Why doesn’t anyone ever mention this?

Comment by Sean

ooooo shka je sexy

Comment by rinor

Wat the hell are ure problems? She is just posing taking photos ure gay if yu think shes bad! All girls take pics of them selfs! Its not dat bad! Shes wearing pyjamas she int bludy naked! Get over it!

Comment by F

she should get her sexual organs removed!!

Comment by Shameful

um like that isnt naked and last time i check bikinis weren’t illegal so wtf. u do realize naked is when nipplez is all poping out an stuff and its not like she is just going out having sex like tha average teen so um can u say u just a hater

Comment by Anonymous

omg i love miley shes sexy and wats rong wit de pics she not naked honestly ppl grow up

Comment by glenn

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