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September 17, 2007, 9:58 pm
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Make up experts MAC are cashing in by relanuching their lashes range in October.

They are working with celebrity lash designer Christina Smith who has designed custom lashes for Hollywood leading ladies including Liza Minnelli, Kate Hudson, Hayden Panettiere and Gisele Bundchen.

She has created 11 exclusive Lash styles in different colours,lengths and shapes. The lashes also come in a new streamlined packaging.

Here Christina gives her advice on how to acheive the best full on dazzling lash look:

Why do you feel lashes are an important part of a women’s regime?
Lashes create fullness, evoke sexiness, and can be used in many capacities. They open the eyes, and frame the eyes, they can create an emotion or mood depending on the style worn and most importantly they can positively affect someone’s confidence.

Why did you collaborate with MAC to develop a new Lash Collection?
First and foremost, lashes are fabulous! Everyone should have access to buy, wear and enjoy lashes. You can change the entire look of someone by simply adding a great pair of lashes. Part of the success of my business is largely due to the fact that I make the only handmade, made-to-order lashes in the industry, which explains why a large portion of my clients are celebrities.
As you can imagine making custom lashes takes time and energy, which can result in them being a little pricey. It was important for me to work with a cosmetics brand that cares about their professional clientele as well as their customers, and by working with M.A.C, we were able to take all the design elements that I use in the creation of my custom lashes, and make an entire collection that is affordable; unique and wearable for everyone.

What are the special features and benefits that make these lashes different from other lashes on the market?
False lashes look best when they blend with your existing lashes and lash line. When developing the collection, we implemented the following characteristics throughout all the lash designs.

Please talk us through the steps for applying false lashes?
Step One: Hold a mirror below your chin, look down into the mirror, so that your eyelid is fully extended.
Step Two: Apply a thin amount of Eyelash Adhesive evenly to the lash band.
Step Three: Let the adhesive dry for about 30 seconds, until it becomes sticky, and not wet.
Step Four: Affix lash on top of your own lash line.Use an orange stick to push the lash securely onto your last line. Let dry for a few seconds.
I also recommend curling and applying mascara to your own lash before applying the false lashes.

How should you care for false lashes
If cared for properly, lashes will last approximately 3-6 wears. When removing lashes from packaging or the lash line, gently lift one end and peel off slowly and carefully to keep lashes intact. Store lashes in a cool, dry area as humidity or warm temperatures (often found in the bathroom) may compromise the curl of the lash. Be sure to peel off the old glue completely before you use them again.

MAC Lashes retail for £7.50 and will be available on counter October 4, 2007.


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