Camilla leaves us to mourn Diana’s Death
August 31, 2007, 10:42 am
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While we mourn the death of Princess Diana, Camilla was spotted picking mushrooms on her own at Balmoral, the Queen’s estate in the Scottish Highlands.

Again alone, Camilla flew back to London on Thursday before driving to the country.

She plans to spend the day of the service at Raymill House, the Wiltshire bolt-hole she bought after her divorce from Andrew Parker Bowles.


Charles travelled down overnight on the royal train with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and spent last night at his London residence, Clarence House, with his sons.

Charles and Camilla

He is said to be angry at the “humiliation” he feels that his wife has suffered and wants to be with her as soon as possible. The couple will then spend the weekend together at Highgrove, the marital home.

Camilla spends time at Raymill – which is only a few minutes by car from Highgrove – to escape the pressure of royal life. As a result, the house has to be protected around the clock.

The duchess insisted on keeping the property after her second marriage.

It is understood that members of her family will keep her company on Friday until her husband’s arrival.

The couple feel this is the best way to ensure the duchess can remain out of public view on the day of the memorial service without being left on her own.

Camilla then plans to jet off on holiday with a small group of girlfriends at the beginning of next week.

Clarence House declined to comment on the couple’s private holiday arrangements.

But a source said: “This is a long-planned trip and there is nothing untoward. The couple normally enjoy separate holidays at some point.”

Friends of William and Harry, who have organised the memorial service, said they were upset it had been “hijacked” by the row over Camilla’s involvement. They did not, however, blame their stepmother.

The source said the brothers were trying to concentrate on the memorial service itself.


obsessmuch? says

Camilla is said to be furious at the way aides to Charles handled the issue…is it just me who’s thinking that she has no right to feel furious, she should feel lucky she is alive to have any feelings unlike Princess Di. And for William and Harry being upset about the row “hijacking” the spot light from their mother. If Camilla came out at the very beginning and said, out of respect, she will not attend then none of this would have happened.


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