Spencer Sucks
August 21, 2007, 1:36 pm
Filed under: Gossip

081007spencerheidi1-to wed.

obsessmuch? says I cannot get over how much I hate this guy, ok ok my friends say hate is a strong word so lets just say “dislike”. They should get him to play a crazy psycho in a movie instead of giving him and Heidi a reality show. He’s sooo annoying… on Laguna he was such a loser. Have you heard his voice? He sounds like a girl getting strangled. I guarantee that he well come out of the closet in the next 3yrs. The way he says ‘I Love You’ explains it all.

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Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY agree!! He has made Heidi into a total zombie.


Comment by Pinks & Blues Girls

No, stick with “hate.” Much better word for Spencer.

Comment by Anners

hi there again 🙂
oh, which uni? london?

Comment by jonny

I agree too,, she is a Noobb..
but what has she done to Lauren… ?

Comment by Ellalala

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