Paris for Celeb BB?
August 20, 2007, 1:47 pm
Filed under: Best of British, Gossip

Diary Room ... how she would look -what she would look like!

Paris Hilton  is desperate to raise her profile in the UK — and is prepared to be locked up for another three weeks in the Channel 4 house sats The Sun

A Big Bro source said: “We told Paris, ‘Name your price’.

“We’re in firm talks, and it would be a fantastic coup to get her.”

An insider said Paris is aiming to show she is more than an “heirhead socialite”.

They added: “She wants people to see that she’s not a bimbo or a wildchild.

“The only time anyone hears about her is when she’s been up to no good — or saying something ridiculous.

“She’s actually smart and funny, with lots of interesting things to say.

“She would easily be the star of the show — but obviously she won’t do it unless the money is right.”

Paris would become the highest paid celeb on the show to date, with chiefs set to offer her a sum to dwarf Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s £300,000.

There is no hint yet which other celebrities will be go into house and share the Diary Room with Paris in January.

But appearing on Big Bro would cap a tumultuous year for the hotel heiress.

Meanwhile Celeb Big Bro bosses are anxious to get the show back on track after the race row earlier this year.

obsessmuch? says Paris for Celeb Big Bro..hmm i think it’s under her, Celeb Big Bro are for like D if not E-list celebrities.

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