Lauren Pope maker of Hair Rehab London
August 19, 2007, 8:49 pm
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I cannot believe it, well I can but yea. Lauren Pope was on this British reality TV program, the Tycoon and her business was selling hair extensions.

And now she’s made it. Oh wow I really wanted her to do well.

You can buy from Hair Rehab London buy going on asos.com or at Hair Rehab London


obsessmuch? says we love hair extentions the best invention EVER!


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i really need some help with my hair,it falls out all the time and never grows!i use hair extentions but they hurt my head as i have very fine hair is there any advise you can give me i really need some help im only 16 and ive already lossed half my hair xx

Comment by jess

I have tried Laurens hair extensiosn and they are brilliant. I have been suing extensions for years and think there are too many people selling them at the moment. Laurens extensions come in with the top guys like Laurens extensions are lovely and thick. I bought hers from http://www.headkandy.com but you can also get them from asos and evern some department stores. Good Luck Lauren, I hope it goes well for you xx

Comment by Carry

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