alicia keys sued by WWF
August 15, 2007, 4:52 am
Filed under: Gossip


Ok well obviously the WWF havent filed a case yet. but trust me they will when they see this. clearly animals have been harmed.

 Im sorry but what. the. hell. And don’t bother calling me a hater. I wish i could burn this dress, but i dont even think fire would bring itself to make contact with it. It appears to resemble a sofa, that of which remains after DFS have their fourth sale of the week (with a money back gurantee).  Alicia darling, you’re a beautiful young woman, with a great voice. Please distinguish between garments that are suitable for wear, and garments that resemble extinct exotic animals.

IM NOT MEAN! why would you wear that with blue shoes. no seriously. someone tell me. please. I really really want to understand.


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Alicias a legend n all but she will never, NEVER know or learn how 2 dress…shes always been known wear shyte…i mean how many times can one person be labelled ‘trashy’ on friggin ENews!!

Comment by yvonne

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