Serena Williams arrested
August 14, 2007, 8:44 pm
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Serena Williams was arrested last night following her appearance in this dress. The star allegedly took the dress, which is a perfectly acceptable item of clothing, and place it on herself, subsequently destroying any opportunity of it looking good.

By the way, just so we dont get sued, im refering to the fashion police. Nevertheless, im sure that after the police departments in America see this photo, they will leave Lindsay and Paris alone, and focus on placing this woman in a dark, confined area with nothing but water and bread, and a mirror which may hopefully result in her refraining from making public appearances.

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That was mean…

Comment by Atkins

Get a life, with a body like serena’s she could wear a potato sack

Comment by Anonymous

get a life

Comment by dont be a hater

Wow! That was so mature of you!

Comment by lwilliams

[…] Serena Williams arrested [image] […] […]

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[…] Serena Williams arrested [image] […] […]

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who cares about maturity it’s all in good fun.

Comment by obsessmuch

LMAO! that was great. more please.

Comment by nikki

u rock nikki.xx

Comment by obsessmuch

Comment is not mean, Yes, that dress is awful….

Comment by Elenora

lame story.

Comment by Kia

GTF outta here!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

calm down guys its just harmless, we all know shes a great tennis player.

Comment by obsessmuch

I understand you are making a joke. I think she looks hot.

Comment by elanzafir

She looks terrible in that dress

Comment by Ross

People Please Stop hating find your own shine and stop riding this girls clit.

Comment by Feel free to hate on me

This is a classic example of everything is not for every body. Serena’s a thick gal, both top and bottom. There’s a baby doll dress out there for her somewhere, but it hasn’t found it’s way to her closet yet.

Comment by style goddess

My hot brain thinks she looks like a tennis pro in some short pink hemline garment which I could make look even funnier. Illogical, probably. I do not even care what she looks like, yet I love to look at whatever is getting looked at by all these eyes which drive the fingers on the keyboards. ♥ ♥ ♥

Funny, how people are “talking” sometimes. Not nicely always, but funny, mostly! 🙂

Comment by Galen

[…] Serena Williams arrested [image] […] […]

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Serena Williams arrested: Mistaken for Incredible Hulk.

Comment by Matt

She looks so much better in cat suit. At least she didn’t cover up the legs. This was a bad choice but you know what? Who cares, it’s Serena The Goddess. Yep she can play, the girl rocks and watching her is oh so pleasurable.

@ the comment above me by “Feel free to hate on me”- Oh I soooo want to ride….


Comment by Austin

[…] Serena Williams arrested [image] […] […]

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that was funny

Comment by joefootball

Well, she was obviously busted.

Comment by raincoaster

I guess she is not skinny emough to wear that dress (bread & water) give us a break, no she may not have picked the right outfit, but she does have a nice body. That was mean to say.

Comment by Dee

she looks great stop hating!!!!!!

Comment by aaww

Hmmm let me guess….If Charlize Theron or Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham wore that they’d be fabulous…I think she looks great, tired of the mainstream’s stereotype of what looks good….she’s got a great body, don’t hate, congratulate!!!

Comment by Divalicious

I’m sorry, that was hilarious.

Comment by goldenferi

Horrible dress!

Comment by sivanto

Dress and woman nice – but not together.

Comment by ragtag

As far as being sued, having ‘fashion police’ at the bottom of the article probably wouldn’t save you since the headline (‘Serena Williams arrested’) is published separately from the rest (e.g. on the WordPress.com homepage). Don’t think you’re likely to be sued though 😛

Comment by David Russell

You probably won’t get sued. But the title’s misleading.

Comment by No Lameness

I heard she’s often called ” a dresses best friend”.
The Sultan on Sports


Comment by tsos20

u guys i actuali think she doesnt look that bad!!

Comment by a*

That was cool blooded. Shame on you.

Comment by diningwithvivian

That was funny as hell!!!

Comment by Me

Serena has been notorious for terrible fashion sense! There is nothing wrong with this dress persay… only if you are 13 yrs old!!!

I like Serena and I like this dress… but not together.

Comment by kckc

That dress doesn’t work for Serena but you gotta give the girl her props she has a figure to die for.

Comment by Aquqries

She could crush walnuts in the inside of her elbow!

Comment by Matt

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