Hotness = James Franco or Dean?
August 12, 2007, 2:53 am
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Who do you prefer James Dean from the past or James Franco from the present.

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Franco or Dean?


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James Dean because he has blue eyes and not brown eyes. I don’t like brown eyes on a guy. James Dean is just more handsome in my eyes but I wouldn’t want him because he is the love of late actress Pier Angeli’s life. I love and respect her too much to want her man.

Comment by Sandra

OMG!they are both so hot james dean has the sex appeal and james franco has those deep eyes i stay with both of them cos they are super amazing looking!!!!!

Comment by stephanie

I love brown eyes. James Franco is cute.
I don’t really see where Franco and Dean really be put up against each other? Try putting Jones Armstrong against Dean, that’s a better match of ‘blue eyed rebellion’. 😉

Comment by Debbie

WHO is james franco?

Comment by James

Wow, so it all comes down to eyes when it comes to choosing two incredible gorgeous/sexy/cute/handsome men? LOL. I could care less.

My pick? Franco. Because Dean is dead.

Comment by angela

james franco !!! because he is very cute !

Comment by Mahshid

Definitely Franco- their is something so mysterious about him. His eyes are piercing! He is beautiful!!!

Comment by Casey

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