Dear Diary: what a girl wants?
August 12, 2007, 7:03 pm
Filed under: Teen Drama

Ok so the internet may no be the most efficient and therapeutic way to evaluate the various problems or issues of teenage life. But hey, this is Obsessmuch? and we can not just neglect the fact that girls are drama queens – especially when it comes to boys. I mean, what do we actually want?

I confuse myself to be honest. See, i love love love bad boys, you know that bad-ass that dont give a shit….yes. I want him. I was with a boy for over three years who told me he’d call a 7pm and called at 1am. A boy who would never put X’s at the end of  text. A boy who said he ‘understands’ but tried to hump me like a whore whenever his mum left the house. Ok im exaggerating a tad, he was actually lovely…but he was laidback you know. None of that ‘i need you so bad right know crap’. I liked it that way.

So, anyway, he moves away to some stupid country with his family and thats it. We break up and its over.

Four months later, in come……the replacements. The most recent of which i broke up with because he was too nice. texed me alll the time. X’s galore. miss you messages. phone calls twice a day. The boy made me wanna throw up in my hand and rub it over his entire face. So now im single. cause he was TOO NICE! What the hell is wrong with me! what do I want? and I know im not alone here! So now the nice guy wants to get back together and he’s texting me to go out on a date…should I go?

Or should I tell him thats its over forever. But I dont want to be single! and I dont want to hurt his feelings



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So you like boys who ARENT super-sweet and understanding? In-ter-est-ing…

Comment by PinkELmo

i duno wot to say, i hate being single too! im 19 n i haven had a boyf in lik a year! haha um i fink u shoud go on the date, it beats bein alone

Comment by janey

huh what the hell if you dont like the guy, why do you want to go the date? thats not fair tell him the truth

Comment by tom

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