Dear Diary: Q: Whats up with the three day rule?
August 9, 2007, 8:07 pm
Filed under: Teen Drama


Whenever I meet a guy it always takes three days for him to ring me, and there’s me going out of my mind thinking:

  • omgosh he doesn’t like me,
  • he only asked for my number because he’s mates dared him to,
  • he saw me in the light after he had take my number and got second thoughts,

but little do i know that theres like some sort of unwritten rule, some sort of convention amoung guys that you are not allowed to call a girl until 3days afer you have met her.

I mean, really…whats up with that,

But then on second thoughts if he did ring the next day i would think, this guys a bit keen… however 3days is way too long.



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i hate stupid games, and i honestly dont understand boys sometimes. But then again i kinda play games too lol i fink its like the teen thing to do. my bf always says hes guna call me, say at 6…and doesnt end up callin till 12 that night, i mean, whats up with that! i dont get the three day rule

Comment by lindsay

guys suck big time. im having a guy free summer. cant take there rubbish at the mo.

Comment by andi (im a girl!)

yeah, the three day rule is capital T-rash. I’m not ok with it. If a guy waits three days to call me, then usually I’ll try and make out with one of his friends just to teach him a lesson.

Comment by abarclay12

Good day!,

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