James Franco
August 9, 2007, 4:11 pm
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James Franco

If I had to choose a husband. It would be him. every. time.

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Ahhhh! So many of us love The Franco!! Can he possibly get any better lookin’ than he already is?!? Those LIPS!! Ahhhh!!
Come visit my blog of admiration for him @ heyfranco.blogspot.com & see lots of pics, vids, etc. THEN come & dish on him with the rest of us “Francophiles” @ http://jamesfranco.proboards77.com/index.cgi

Know what? I think you make GOOD CHOICE to pick Mr.Franco for husband. He IS husband material. He tends to be monogymous & dated Marla Sokoloff for 3 yrs!! Do you know he’s a ‘fine 29’??

– Dianna

Comment by Dianna

LOVE james franco.

Comment by Maddie

James Franco is hot, ladies. I went to the same college as he did, but sadly, our paths never crossed.

: (

Comment by Anna Domini

james franco is really hot!! i love you!! yesterday i watch spider man 3 on sky… you is very brilliant and VERY handsome… my number is 3401246679…bye!
P.S: i’m italian!

Comment by denise

hi. i’m denise..i’m italian and i love james franco. he is very brilliant and very handsome. i am a your fan number1!! bye!!

P.S:3401246679 is my number.. tell me!!

Comment by Denise

OMG!! i want to marry him r8 now!!!
JAMES, i dont care about ur age huni..ur 30 n am 15 pleaee would u marry me.xxx luv ya lotzz sexy

Comment by kati.soraya

james i love you

Comment by Anonymous

سلام ! من يه دختر ايرانى هستم و علاقه مندم روزى james‏ رو ببينم .
thank you !!!

Comment by mahshid

i kiss you !!??!!

Comment by elisha

What a beautiful boy. He has such a pretty face and is a great actor. The way he makes me gush every time I see him, makes me fall for him so much more.

I love you James Franco, for I always will. ♥

Comment by Rachael

i love u james um egyptian gurl

Comment by manar

Ele é lindo e perfeito!!

amo deeemais!

Comment by Jéssica

James franco is so cute !

Comment by lu

estas bien guapo james franco

Comment by Anonymous

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