Jess cheating on Jus. oohaah!
August 5, 2007, 10:06 am
Filed under: Gossip

Well as the saying goes, while the cats away, the mice will play. Justin Timberlake is currently touring in Europe and according to reports (Star) girlfriend Jesscia Biel is getting kinda cosy with her ex-boyfriend Chris Evans.


Biel ran into Evans while attending a wedding reception last Saturday and was spotted holding hands and making out with him. Then they departed together to an unknown location.

“Sparks were flying,” says an eyewitness. “It looked as if they were completely absorbed with one another. From what I could see, Jessica hardly left Chris’ side. They were holding hands and cuddling all night – even trading little kisses! They sat together and even walked to the bathroom together. Everyone was shocked because we thought she was dating Justin. But it didn’t look like she was thinking about him that night – she was consumed with Chris…”

Evans rep states the two are “just friends,” but a source who saw the two seems to think they left to go have sex.

Oh my. Poor JT. I mean i’m not a big fan of JT myself even though a particular member of the obsessmuch? team is but he does not deserve this.


what sort of name is biel anyways?


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jessica is a dirty hoe

Comment by Anonymous

i am your mom!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

biel my butt!!!

Comment by Anonymous

biel my a**

Comment by Anonymous

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