Lazy but chic?
August 2, 2007, 4:54 pm
Filed under: Daily Fashion

Obsess much?…Indeed i do, over who?…the likes of your Lohan, the Olsens, your Nicole, Paris (at times) and obvi your mischa. So I pose the question, why are we so obsessed with these a-listers dress sense? My answer… their lazy but chic take on fashion! From Chanel bags to vintage floral print tunics to a plain white T from American app. These girls never cease to amaze , with their carefree, easy, lax look…


Mischa obsess: above-the-knee loose dress, with flats, easy hair bun, couple shopping bags classic layed back chic


Olsen obsess: ur oversized black stunnas, wavy summer locks, big pin stripped shirt:- very chic!


Nicole obsess: oversized sunnies again, white T, couple bracelets, skinny denims, and obvi ur loose high bun


Lohan obsess: Easy cami like dress, your flips, cool aviators, 18 inch locks, and never forgetting the beverage from starbucks or a cool coffee place.


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