Jessica movie flop?
August 1, 2007, 11:27 pm
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Is Jessica Simpson’s flick Blonde Ambition too ambitious for the silverscreen? Us Weekly has released reports that “It is going straight to DVD domestically. It will only come out in theaters internationally,”

The romantic comedy, costarring Luke Wilson has been blasted in the states, even before its release. 

“The movie is absolutely horrible,” says a source. “It’s just a bomb, mainly because of Jessica’s acting.”

Counter’s Simpson’s rep: “It’s definitely a theatrical release.”

Theres been no confirmation or official reports. Nevertheless, judging from Jessicas acting skills in Starsky and Hutch, frankly we wont be surprised if it skips the cinemas. Yes, she can wash cars and looks good but lets face it….acting is not her strong point. Mainly because it encourages a reasonable amount of brain activity which may distress her. Dont get us wrong, we love her, and her wardrobe. and her Ex-husband.


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huh! Jess, Jess, Jess..lets just stop being silly now ok? She needs to stop trying to do things other than being a sex symbol for men. i mean, she can sing n all (a debatable comment) but she gets her tits n ass out too much for people to take her seriously.
Err, blonde ambition?? bit contra, aint it? seems like shes tryin 2 pull a Reese Wither!

Comment by Atkins

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